Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dysfunctional family

I don't think that anyone even noticed that this was going on until James walked in the family room. Angela looked up and said "Oh hi! Welcome to our dysfunctional family!" Ha, maybe this will get us on the next Mac add.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy Birthday James

Turning 31 on the "Green Monster"!!
We loved celebrating James' birthday in Boston.
First thing was first. To catch a Boston duck tour!!
I love these girls!
I always love passing by Cheers in Boston. It reminds me of my cat Norman. RIP. He was named by Brian after Norm from Cheers of course!

Lizzy loving her life driving the duck tour bus/boat. This is why the duck tour is so 'cool'...or uncool. After driving around the city the big bus turns into a boat and you float along the river. Love it!

Nothing better to end the night than with a little Fenway Park!!

Lizzy always swindles and sits right on the dugout. Oh she's no dummy!

It's all about the experience. The food, the people, the sports attire, the drinks, the game, the family and the fun.

The family on the famous green monster. Yes, it IS all it is cracked up to be to sit up there!!
We snapped this shot of little Liz on our way home from the game. Zonked totally out.
Towards the end of the game she said "Lizzy is tired and wants to go home. Oh and Lizzy wants some birthday cake!" Ha ha!
She got what she wished for and hopefully so does the birthday boy! 31 candles was quite the task to wipe out. Happy happy birthday to you!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Family fun in NYC

We were so excited that Brian and Angela came and met up with us in NYC. First thing was first: The MET!
I swear James and Brian's favorite part about the art museum was downing the 3 (yes 3!!!) New York Style hot dogs just outside of the MET. Ok James did manage to save me one. Yum:) Kicking it with a random musician in Central Park was a must
LOVE the Plaza hotel every time. Wedding reception price: $100 grand. Yikes. Beautiful flower arraignments are one of my favorite things to admire and swanky hotels. FINALLY we were introduced to Brian and Angela's favorite Japanese hole in the wall restaurant that they eat at every time in NYC. They came here on their honeymoon for the first time. They were right, it was great! The next part was a big treat that I have been dying to do for YEARS! I swear I feel like I am the last person around to see Wicked. I have been coveting tickets for years. I was sooo excited. Even better than that..James was sooo excited for me to see it. He said "I usually just like to go to sporting events, but when I saw this I was blown away!!" James managed to swindle us 4th row tickets. It was an absolute dream. I was surprised by the story line, the cleverness, the humor, music, acting etc etc. LOVED IT!! Love them! It was Brian's first time to see it too! NYC at night! Guess what I loved even more than the Plaza hotel this trip??
The W HOTEL!!!!!
The lobby was insane. The walls behind James and the ceilings are running water, like constant waterfalls. Yea, I know. I was in awe of this room every time I got here. Amazing!! Church on sunday. "I hope they call me on a mission!" Ha ha. James looking like his missionary days. Before we left NYC, James was hinting away about going to this 'Doughnut Planet' place. "Uh Heid, I saw it on the food network. It looks pretty cool. They have a Peanut butter and Jelly filled doughnut! No big deal if we can't go though". ...and then he would repeat that same paragraph about every hour until we ended up there. Ha ha!! James going nuts on the anticipated PB&J doughnut. Ohhh yea!
Now only 4 hours in the car until we get to New Hampshire!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Experiencing the city

The Natural History Museum. For all you "Night at the Museum" fans (nerds...jk jk)
The live size whale was amazing.
Finally James came to back to NYC !! We were all excited to go hit the town right when a HUGE rain/HAIL storm hit. We watched as the people of New York scurried around trying to avoid the rain. Soooo funny!
So we stayed at the hotel and hit up an amazing place where James had the tuna burger of his life. He kept trying to subtly hint to me the whole trip for us to go back there. 2 am that night "Hey maybe we can get that burger to go."
Later that night we met up with Breanne and Jeremiah and hit up Korea town!!

Loved the Korean BBQ
Loved hangin at their place.

Times Square definitely remains one of the best places to people watch for sure!

Monday, June 20, 2011

NYC with Breanne & Kenna

Ahhhhh! It was a dream and a 1/2 to see my mission comp/cousin Breanne and meet her little girl Kenna!

Died for her!!
Ate breakfast on her rooftop. Her little family moved right into Manhattan not too long ago. What a great place to live and visit for sure!
We always hit up a little SoHo and shop our guts out!

Almost every time Breanne calls me as of late she says "Oh I'm just on the subway with Kenna!" I love this because she is out and about really enjoying the city with her little girl.
Best fried zucchini sticks around.
Crossing our fingers to get into Broadway..Princess styled to the 5 th row :)
About 11:00 pm Breanne says to me "Hey, do you want to go bike riding in Central Park?"
Of course I do!

Not much has changed about NYC. I still love this city! Thanks for a great first day back Breanne and Kenna!