Saturday, August 27, 2011

Daddy Daughter Date

Last Saturday someone asked me what I did all day. "Oh, I had a daddy daughter date." Remember those? In Young Womens when you get all dressed up and go out with your dad. It's a dream of a time. They responded with "Oh how cute! How often do you do that... like once a week?" Me "Um this one is more like once a year!"
Every summer (or at least we try for) my dad and I go on a bike ride called the WASATCH CREST TRAIL. We first started going with the Radiology department from St. Marks hospital. The trail starts up Little Cottonwood Canyon and you ride along the crest with Park City on one side and then you end up riding down Millcreek Canyon. So fun...and so hard:)

The hospital stopped inviting us a few years back. We don't know if it is because my dad is retired or they stopped doing it or....we are too slow :) Ha ha we didn't care....we started coming on our own.

We enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL wild flowers along the path.
This is part of what they call PUKE HILL. It's forever long and you want to huck your guts up along the way.
I am soooo proud of my dad. 65 and still as adventurous and athletic as ever. Within the last few years he has had a knee replacement but that didn't stop him from doing what he loves. He bikes just about every day, plays tennis, golfs, walks, lifts weights, etc. I just love that he has always been so active and has encouraged me and the whole family to be this way also.
He was riding on an old school bike with no shocks none the less. He argues that "the bike is great". Probably because he got it at a garage sale! I on the other hand, had a dreeeaaam of a bike thanks to Rosie and Bart!! :)
We finally made it to the top. Notice the snow in the background.
Just around the bend we found a girl that had fallen off her bike and broke her elbow. I got there first and said my dad was a physician and was just around the corner. You could see the relief in her eyes. He was able to offer her comfort, as someone else called the paramedics so she could be helecoptered out of there. This sling was jimmy rigged up for her in the mean time with sticks and some gauss. Nice work dad :)
This is one of our favorite camera spots. Desolation Lake. It means we are almost to the end of the trail and on our way to the glorious paved downhill ending.
We forgot to bring snacks on the ride. Not smart. So we munched on these mushrooms. We felt really weird after.
I was giggling and falling off my bike :)
Beauty at it's best.
Until next year...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Yea or Nea? Go ahead and give me your opinion. I can take it, I can take it. Do you like the atmosphere, the food...the fries??(my favorite)
If you have ever seen the comments on Facebook between Kels and I it usually will involve the phrase "Iggs asap!" Yep we love it. We spare the rest of the BFF from coming every time we want to go.
This last time we went we managed to recruit Kels' fave friend Shaun. And of course we took pics of ourselves. One eyed willy style.
Loved it. Iggy's for life!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


This is my favorite picture as of late. Taken yesterday with my mission comp Tracy, aka Vicki, T Dog, T money or T dizzle. People get confused what her name is sometimes because I call her Tracy (mission style by her last name) but her name is Vicki. We were at lunch the other day and Becca's date says "VICKI TRACY?! That is the coolest name I have ever heard! It's like in a movie!" Oh yea it is!! She claims the name alone won her all the school elections.
There is something special about the friendship you have with people from your mission. Especially with your companions. All the ups and downs and good times and hard times. They have seen you at your very best, most vulnerable, happiest and most worn out times. So happy to have this gem in my life.