Wednesday, September 14, 2011


...with Alana last night.

Lane:  "Have you updated your blog lately?"
Me:  "Too fat."
Lane:  "I know, too fat right?"
Me:  "Seriously."

The funny thing is I like blogging and reading blogs.  I get it though, sometimes you are just not in the mood.  Too much to catch up on.  Well, here is a small attempt to catch up with the wrap up of summer.  I'll try to keep up a bit more this fall :)

I will miss all of these summer things!

Perfect glass lake!!!
Soaking up the sun

Having fun with friends

Doing yoga in every random place

 Silver lake
 Outdoor plays with mom's German cousin

Outdoor tramps on lakes

 Tennis and parties at Lindy's

However, I LOVE fall.  I love the the sports season.  Go Aggies!!!!