Monday, May 30, 2011

New Blog

Yep it is time for a new blog. One of the first names that came to mind for the new blog was "It's a dream". Allow me to explain...

As most of you have noticed "It's a dream!" has become a new addition to my vocabulary. I usually use it when things are really good in life or something goes your way or an experience you are having is simply turning out better than you imagined.

Let's face it though. Sometimes life is not a dream. We all have the daily grind mixed in with the good times and the hard times. Sometimes the pendulum swings as high as the sky or really low and you are down in the dumps. I love hearing all of these ups and downs from all of family and friends...through phone calls, blogs, long dinner talks etc. Whatever you want to share, I love it. I love and care so much about you all.

However, some things are just too hard to share. Other things are way heebes things that happen to us in life but they are funny to share and especially refreshing for us all to hear or read about on blogs. It is so much fun for me to read all of your blogs and see your adventures and sweet children grow up. This way I feel like I get a taste of who they are even if you live miles away!

I get it how annoying it can be on blogs when you feel like all the person is doing is bragging about their 'perfect life'. We all know that is a lie (or we secretly hope it is!). I hope to share ups and downs on this blog but I also realize that I end up sharing a lot of ups and highlights. One reason is that I am a positive thinker and I like to focus on the good things and blessings in life. Another reason is that some things have just been too gut wrenching for me to share. After going through that phase of my life for a few months, I have pulled out of it and I wanted to have a fresh start on a new blog.

I love knowing that on the road of life that is filled with curves and hills is what shapes us and let's us say out loud "It's a dream!!" when we are at those peaks in life.

Thailand May 2011

Without further a due, here are some pictures of my latest DREAM trip I was able to go on. So many pictures I know...but you know me, I love to snap away like there's no tomorrow.

I was able to head to Thailand with my amazing James Cook, his roommate Tyler and my good friend Lindy. We had an absolute blast!
When you get to Japan after 16 hours of traveling, you only have 7 more to go!! Ha. The bathrooms are quite the treat!
We ran into Dick Norris at the airport with his cute 14 year old son. Proudly wearing his 'Make a wish' T-shirt, they were on their way to China to meet Jackie Chan. What an amazing and friendly family!
The Peninsula hotel in Bangkok was nothing but a dream!
I will do the honors!!