Friday, May 11, 2012

Relax time with the parents

After we got all moved in, my parents and I headed to San Diego for some fun in the sun.

 I've been singing the song "Bicycle built for 2" for the past 7 years.  Finally we got to ride one around.  So fun!
 My mom and I shopped our guts out.  So fun.  She got this dress and looks like a dream boat in it!
 Del Mar lunches.
 Yes, those are birds and seals.
 So close to a hole in one!  We stayed at my parent's friends winter home.  It's part of this country club so we got free golf.  Yes!
 Retirement never felt so good.  Getting massaged while eating Cummings chocolates.  A dream.
 2 trips to Trader Joe's in one day...after my parents discovered how good it is.

San Diego was beautiful!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Moving time

Well as most of you know I MOVED to California this past weekend. Right when I committed to get blogging again last month, my laptop crashed :(.  Bummer.  Well, now it is up and running so here is a quick overview of the move.  

Many thanks to my family and friends for helping me get this big truck all filled up with my stuff. My parents and I took turns driving this and the others would drive my car with my harp.
 Wow, after 7 years it was crazy seeing the condo all cleared out.  Many have asked what we are going to do with it.  Well, it just got re-carpeted yesterday and we will rent it out.  If you need a great property manager....I have a reference :)
 The road had it's typical raging mountain fires.
 And Fillmore signs.  We actually stopped in St. George to eat at Mergs' sister's restaurant which was amazingly good.  I don't have the pics handy but will post about that later.
 One night in Vegas and we finally got there Saturday afternoon.
 Mom stayed in arranging the kitchen :)
 The move went surprisingly fast and smooth with 5 or so guys helping us.  Ironically this guy is my friend from BYUH.  Reunited again!
 My front room in all it's craziness.
 This was fun to watch.  Yikes.
 Getting all set up.
 Finally it's pretty much done in my room.  Yes, my harp is in my room and I am LOVING that.
 This is the front of the house.  I love it.  Notice the address.  420 :)
 This is what greets me just 4 blocks down the street.  I have to keep reminding myself "I live here."  It's so beautiful and I am so happy to be able to live by the beach once again!
After we got all settled, my parents and I came up to San Diego for a few days.  It's incredibly gorgeous here.  More on that later ;) I still feel in vacation mode so it hasn't really sunk in yet that I am not going home.  Thanks again everyone for helping me move.  I do miss you all and can't wait to get visitors!