Sunday, July 24, 2011

Calm down

Do you ever feel that people sometimes just need to CHILL out? The situation at hand is usually not life or death. This is me at 5:30 AM getting ready to go to Bikram yoga with yes, a BROKEN FINGER.

Even attempting yoga this early and with the injury and all, I was half hoping/ wishing that I would get some positive feedback from the instructors such as this:

“Oh wow, way to go coming to class with your broken finger that is constantly PULSING and you can’t even use your whole hand to do the poses. Way to go to even try! Good job, 6 AM and everything!”

On no people, that was WAY too much to ask from the Bikram Natzis. My comment of the day was:

In her annoyingly calm yoga voice “Ok, soooo um even though you have a broken finger, you still need to get your arms back!!....go back, more back, WAAAAY back” as she carries on with her usual jargon.

Can I not just catch a break? I don't see anyone else in this room with a broken limb.

This summer marks 4 years that I have been doing Bikram yoga (otherwise known as yoga in a hot sweaty 110 degree room..'the torture chamber'). Obviously there is something that keeps me coming back to this rigorous work out. So much that I even go when I am out of town.
The pic above is of the Bikram yoga studio just a few blocks away from James' place. I LOVED that it is on the 5th floor with the city buildings as your view.
Alana and Trace (my die hard yogi buddies) were texting me like mad after the class to see how different/much the same the class was from our Sugar house class.

My report: "Yes girls, the lingo is across the board."

"Find comfort with in the discomfort**Push and push and push**Like a flower pedal blooming**Forehead and knee must touch**Like a Japanese ham sandwich**SWEAT SWEAT SWEAT **Lock your knee, lock your knee, lock your knee**Pulling is the object of stretching**One vertebrae at a time**Spinal twist** Breath of fire**Nomaste **

The big difference between Chicago and Utah was THE HUMIDITY!! Holy cow. I walked in and didn't think the room was that hot. 'Oh Utah is WAY hotter. This will be a breeze' I thought. About 2 min in, I was eating my words as I was sweating buckets. They said that the humidity is much harder to work in than the heat. Man did i feel good when the class was over. That is probably the main reason I keep going back though. I feel SO good after I do this work out.

Ok on to DAVID GRAY!! Beccs and I were able to go see him live at Kingsbury Hall. He was amazing live and I highly recommend going to see him. I am bringing this concert up in this post because we experienced another Natzi like experience here.
Ok, the setting is a like A ROCK CONCERT. So you think you could sing and dance and talk right? Wrong. In between songs at the beginning of the concert we were just chatting and laughing and some girl (our age....not a grandma) reaches her big arm up and starts SNAPPING in our ears! I haven't been snapped at since I was like 8. Becca turned around and she did the cut throat sign to her.

I said to Beccs "What? Did that girl just snap at us? That is soooo embarrasing!" Loud enough so she could hear of course. Sometimes I just don't get it. Why do people get so uptight? Right after that I got in trouble for taking a picture. We felt like we were in a concert!

Anyways, I still love listening to David Gray. I still go to Bikram yoga. You come to realize that when stuff like this happens it actually just makes your memories more funny to look back on. As my brother says when he goes to the Red Sox games 'It's all about the experience'.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Slip n' Slide

Guess what we were doing Saturday night? That's right slip and slide time.

Not just any slip and slide....A GIANT ONE! Yes, I know you look at this and think "My kids would LOVE that!"
I am just happy that I didn't break a bone on this thing. I did however break my finger recently while tubing, none the less. Yes, I am 11 again. Slip and slides and tubing rides.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This is what...

I am LOVING about summer!!
Saturdays at the pool
Dinners with my BFF!!!
Texting Kelsey 80 times a day and dying! Poppering my penguins.
My girls
Roadside Mexican Tacos while I work (Don't freak out Kels...and James!)
Yummy dinners with best friends
Sunday afternoons

Kickin' it poolside
at hotel Park City!
Snow cone city. A summer staple.
All the joys of summer. When it hasn't been raining that is!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summertime in Bear Lake

In case you forgot what Bear Lake looks like in the summertime...
Here is a little sneak peak. View from James' family's cabin. Love!
We did a lot of hangin out and eating.
Relaxing and having fun with his family.
So you know what they say about the boy you are dating and his dad? If you want to know what he will look like when he is older...just take a look at his dad and you'll know! Tee hee :)
Cute nephew!
I love this shot. "Um yea, I don't really have time for you and your picture. I am fully concentrated on my 4-wheeling." James' brother and nephew.
Coz up city on the boat when you get cold!
We did alot of this. Yikes!
The competition between the tube and the banana was on! James' brother on front dominated! His nephew behind was a close second.
Point proven. Ha!
Even though I wasn't the tubing champ, I did end up with a broken finger. Oh yes. You heard me right. I got shoved off the tube and my finger is cracked and yes, I play the harp for a living. I'm just glad I didn't do it while wake boarding so I can avoid the lecture from my older brother "You are too old to be doing all those tricks. One broken finger and your career is over" Oopsies.
No worries. I am actually still working and just playing with 7 fingers instead of 8 (you don't use your pinkies any ways). I survived and had a great 4th of July weekend which ended with James and I leaving bear lake with this sunset...
We watched random fireworks go off the whole way home. It was beautiful! Happy 4th!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Typical Saturday

Oh you all have heard me talk about my dad and his Saturday morning routine. He gets on his scooter and hits up every garage sale that he can come across. He'll follow those signs "Yard Sale-Left" for miles. He even has his own theory on how to assess if the garage sale is a good one or not. Well, here is a little picture proof action. He was so engulfed in uhhh...the zebra striped lamp urrr....the old trusty wall clock that he had no idea I was snapping pictures of him.

Oh ps, notice the gold watch he is wearing. I bought him a fake (yes fake) Rolex in Dubai and he won't even wear it for fear of looking too uppity. So he chugs along with his Walmart watch while my $40 goes wasted in some Arabic's wallet.
I mean, how can you pass up a garage sale when you are finding gems like these?
The best was hearing my cute nephew Chase describe my dad taking him to a garage sale for his birthday. My dad said (and Chase is quoting him) "Hey look Chase, you can get anything you want! Oh look they have security cameras, bowling balls...." Oh wow...what at thrill!!
You almost can't afford NOT to buy these puppies! My favorite part of this picture is my dad fishing through his shorts to find his "last 2 quarters to his name" or some other rehearsed slogan that he is ready to pull on the poor garage sale owner.

At least he is not the only doctor in the swindling business. So many times he reminds me of Dr. Huxtable from The Cosby Show and especially in this clip. It's worth watching if you have the time (fast forward to 3 min in if you don't). Basically he is trying to swindle a good deal on a car pretending that he is all poor and after 3 min some guy sees him through the window screaming "DOCTOR HUXTABLE!! DOCTOR HUXTABLE!!" Blowing his cover. So funny.

Oh I better not forget to mention that earlier that morning we went golfing for Rob's birthday. Happy birthday Rob!! We had a blast!
When I looked down at his golf shoes I just had to laugh. We found these treasures 2 birthdays ago at the DI for $4. Smartest plan ever and he is still loving them!!
My dad making his long drive shot as usual!

All in all I just want to say that my dad sure loves a good deal. I used to hate it and wished that he would just buy me a new car like all the other Skyline kids seemed to have got on their 16th birthdays. However NOW I just admire him for it as he proudly drives around in his Corolla and whisks away all the Costco Saturday samples as a satisfying lunch. He really has taught me the value of a dollar and the importance of hard work. I love you dad!