Friday, April 6, 2012

Memory lane

I promised my niece Hillary that I would do a blog post tonight. Naturally I was going to post about the recent Washington DC trip and Alana and Ace's beautiful wedding. Don't worry, I will post all about it.

 However, tonight I have spent the last several hours cleaning out HUGE bins of "stuff" that have been sitting in my storage for at least 5 years. I couldn't pass up a chance to share some of these beauties.

 I'll start with this, Hillary.  A drawing you sent me while I was in the MTC.  LOVE!

Of course chase put me in bed with my doll and picture of Hillary and Chase on my nightstand.

The rest of the pix and collectable items are in no particular order.  I found them all tonight and loved them so much I was taking pictures of them on my phone!
High school trip to Las Vegas.  I am wearing a white "skort".  Yep.  That blue dress Sarah is wearing is mine and I wore it a few years later to High School graduation.  Ha!

Where it all began.  Me, Alana, Ace and Miche (who first met Ace) at Wiamea Bay, Hawaii.
Living in Hawaii.  Bleach blond and tan.  Rough times!

Love me some RED SOX boys!!

Our first BBQ in Hawaii when we met all the boys.  Loved this night.  We were loving being the new girls in town while the other girls named us the "foo foo girls"  behind our backs.  I think it was because we got ready and didn't just jumble in from the beach.  That changed fast.
I dont' know when this was Stace but we sure look happy!
If you are ever considering going on a mission, these are two reasons to reconsider.  AAAhhh!  Yes, I wore that dress.  Breanne.....classic!
Roasting marshmallows (a rare find in Chile) by a ghetto heater for our 4th of July celebration.
My sweet Melody on her mission in Kirtland!
I died when I saw this.  A coupon book!  I am cashing it in.  A dance show?  I am in!!  Motivational pep talk?  Done!  I loooove Melody!
Always signing her letters with a "Skully".  It's not what you are thinking.  The real reason is because she loves Disneyland and Pirates of the Caribbean.
Little Hannah and I on Easter Sunday.
Some poem I wrote about the BFF.  Dying!  Trying to be all deep.  Good one.
STTTEEEERRREEETCH!  Guy I dated in high school to which Angela still cooks his mom's recipes on a weekly basis.  Long live stretch :)
Not much has changed.
Pastel themed BFF pic.
Rosie's wedding.

Brian writing me on my mission signing "El Guapo".  Smart.

Nate writing me addressing me:  Bungholio.  Yes, that is from Bevis and Butthead.  Should be proud.
Tapes?  Remember tapes?  Sometimes I say "Listen to your tape" to my harp students and they just sit there bewildered.
Of course school blows!  lol.
Miche sending me some sister love.
Oh yes they do!

Getting ready for Sr.  Prom.  Loved this date.  Finally kissed my high school boyfriend for the first time.
4th of July in Logan.  If you don't recognize, that is Mergs in the yellow.  My bf is proudly cocking one knee and resting an elbow as he tries out to model and his shot on the Abercrombie shopping bag.  I thought he was the hottest.
Getting all decked out for my missionary to come home!
Best friends.  Danny and I in high school.

Oh heck yea Ro.  I'm sure in was a "Kick Ace Christmas"!

Ximena's mission call. Oh yea, that is Trace on the end with short brown hair.  That's what a mission will do to you.  Change your look completely.  I look like I ate 6 pigs.
We swam to that island.  Shark infested waters. Oh yes we did.
Ok.  Next post will be on these two love birds above.  Hope you enjoyed this even slightly as much as I did.

Oh ps.  I found an old check tonight amongst the junk, written in March 2010 for $150.  I am cashing that puppy tomorrow.


  1. nice try...Teneil wrote that poem :) ha ha ha
    Love the trip down memory lane!!!

  2. Are you serious, that was the best! I have the best pictures of you I need to do a memory lane post! The coupons, . . I am speechless.

  3. The mosh is totally for trying out new hairstyles, and new body weights! Looking good in the puente alto neighborhood!

  4. I am DYING at this memory lane!!! Especially the part where I write, "school still blows...etc..." SO FUNNY! Love this, it's amazing the things you come across, this post makes me smile!